Home Design Architects

An architect is not just hired to create an outstanding design for your home. They can be extremely helpful in ensuring that the builder contracted has carefully crafted and detailed plans, outlining all the work required making your ideal home a reality. Employing architects services also ensures that the builder contracted is supplied with a stringent set of standards to follow and achieve.

The architect or home design build team that you contract should have a good reputation for designing homes that are both beautiful and practical, and should also be capable of collaborating well with both builders and contractors. It is critical to find the right team that can act in your best interest and will ensure that you don’t end up with a home that potentially has poor use of space because of bad floor plans, and problematic proportions that were not properly thought out. Getting the job done right and to your ultimate satisfaction will require mutual respect and effective teamwork between the client, the architects and the building contractors. No strategy or set of plans comes without some level of unanticipated difficulties that can arise and it is important that these can be discussed and worked out between the players managing the execution of the work.

Architect Services

A major construction project like custom building or renovating your home, is very exciting and one of the most exhilarating experiences you will ever take on. We take our jobs very seriously and understand that it is also one of the most memorable investments you will ever decide to make as well, and doing it right is essential!

Projects with extensive customization require proper planning and design that can only come from the assistance of a licensed home design architect, who can help with meticulously drafted plans, budgets, permits and contract drawings. Our architectural services will help you build a home from the ground up and that will not only reflect your tastes, but will also be planned in mind to complement the property and neighborhood of surrounding homes.

Architectural plans are typically accompanied by an action plan and consultation in ways to manage the entire construction process. Some critical factors contributing to a successful project include using quality building materials, and hiring reliable contractors that can be trusted to keep to code, deliver a quality finished product, and demonstrate both competence and professionalism.

Your satisfaction ultimately comes from the ability to successfully move from an idea or conception of what you envision your home to be, to actually living it. Contact us with you project inquiry

Schematic Design Phase

This stage includes preparation of schematic graphical diagrams and preliminary charts, which provides a general overview and scale of the project, a detailed check-list breaking down the project into it’s distinct parts, and a list of objectives and requirements. This comprehensive set of plans also includes rough sketches that demonstrate the appearance of the home, the design layout, and how the structure will be situated within the estate or property dimensions once erected. Depending on the complexity of the home and attributes of the land space, a structural engineer or other specialists are sometimes also brought into the mix if additional expertise is called for.

Home Architectural Building Plans

Once the client has reviewed the initial sketches and outlines, it’s now time to turn the desired design concept into a more official set of detailed plans and documentation that can be followed by the builder. This stage also entails re-examining all details to ensure the home will be safe and have structural integrity. Detailed floor plans, structural plans, roof plans and scale drawings are needed for any work to proceed. Details regarding the property itself must also be taken into consideration. Factors such as slope of the land, floodplains, drainage and other critical elements are necessary to account for.

3D Rendering

A custom design build or even a home rebuild involves special planning that is unique to that particular project. Any unanticipated mistakes or design flaws can be costly if not caught early. It's much less expensive to catch potential issues and implement corrective action in the planning stage so luckily a foreseen problem that has potential to arise during the building phase can often be detected thanks to modern architecture technology.

Software is available which allows us to render a realistic three dimensional view of any project before construction even begins, bringing all these plans and ideas to life in a virtual setting including even finer details such as interior and exterior trim which allow you to custom style to your liking. Placement of rooms, walls, key features, windows and other elements is all possible. The owner can take a virtual tour throughout his or her future home before it becomes a reality.

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