EIFS and Stucco Contractors

What was traditionally referred to as Stucco has now moved towards EIFS solutions. This can be a fairly simple application however an improper job can lead to serious problems such as cracks and moisture penetration that may result in serious damage and would require the job to be redone. Our technicians are extremely competent and aware that proper application is critical, so we make sure the job is done properly.

At Phoenix Home Design we work with experts that bring over 17 years of experience in exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) as well as interior and exterior stucco installations and repairs. From stucco siding, walls and custom mouldings, we are ready to tackle both commercial and residential projects.

Our team is dependable, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. We can collaborate with you to carry out a project tailored to your exact requirements and our services are consistently delivered in an atmosphere of transparency, teamwork and trust.

We place quality as top priority, and our proven track record will serve to ensure your project is completed on time and on budget. We make sure the job is done right the first time.

About the EIFS Solution Team

Phoenix Home Design Group partners with Openview Contracting which is a firm that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of EIFS Systems, of interior and exterior stucco applications and has been serving regions throughout Ontario for more almost two decades. Their projects are typically carried out through relationships with builders, renovation experts, architects, home improvement contractors and restoration specialists. Openview will also work directly with home owners themselves.

Stucco is made from plaster or cement and has a rough texture. It is a decorative finish that is applied as an outer surface on top of masonry work on a house or building. It’s been used in construction for hundreds of years and is still popular and very commonly place in today’s modern homes and businesses. It’s commonly used for houses, retail store-fronts, commercial structures. You can choose fine, medium or coarse grades and select amongst a variety of available textures and colors. This type of application is not only intended for cosmetic purposes but also has insulating properties that are beneficial for the property.


Only the highest grade materials are used, combined with expert craftsmanship to deliver the finest quality stucco finishes and applications. Our team of qualified professional stucco contractors will work with you to properly outline the options and help you select a solution that will best meet your requirements. We serve the entire GTA including Toronto, North York, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Mississauga.

Exterior Stucco

Todays homes and buildings bear a variety of exterior finishes that include brick, stone, wood and of course stucco as well. Exterior stucco often has a fine texture and is applied flat with custom mouldings, normally made with fiberglass polymers making it sturdy and flexible.

The entire outside of the building can sometimes be covered with stucco, but many times the exterior design may be construed from a combination of the above mentioned materials. Stucco applied to an external wall can act as a water barrier, and also has thermal insulation properties. It is a great choice as an exterior finish because it can cost much less than other material options, yet it is extremely hard, durable surface that resists decay and deterioration, and is therefore great for avoiding mould and rot.

EIFS: For outside projects we will use EIFS which stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish System.  It involves layering of multiple materials, otherwise known as cladding, and as a final step adding a water and weather resistant barrier. EIFS is the standard for exterior stucco applications. These types of installations involve adhering insulation board to the wall, applying a base coat, followed by primers and finishers.

Used in Walls, Mouldings and Siding
- Low Cost                                 
- Flexible and Durable
- Available in Custom Colors
- Provides Insulation
- Weather Resistant

Interior Stucco

Today's synthetic stucco is commonly used by designers and contractors inside a dwelling. In a modern design you may often see both stucco walls and ceilings. They provide a warm and inviting feel with the ability to create an antique, hand moulded look or the property owners may prefer a more industrial layered feel. These applications add depth to the aesthetic, and are also useful for hiding or covering up holes and fissures. Stucco can is a common and simple fix to patch up cracked or damaged walls or in situations where there are uneven parts that need to appear to be level. With regards to aesthetic appeal, it can be tinted with a broad spectrum of colours that can be matched with specific shades within your home in order to complement the overall palette of your décor.

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