Decorative Concrete Flooring

We offer a variety of decorative concrete flooring options to fit your business or home. These decorative systems can also offer protective benefits that will keep your floor looking great for many years.

Decorating Floors With Quartz or Vinyl

Most of our decorative concrete flooring projects use multi-coloured quartz or vinyl flakes that get mixed into the floor's coating. Our crews use Sealwell products that have quartz granules or vinyl flakes in them. When spread on the floor, the coating creates a unique, decorative look. We can even apply the flooring system to walls. It all depends on what kind of look you want for your space.

Choosing Colours for Your Floor

There are many colours that you can choose for your floors. Many businesses and individuals want a combination of colours. Sealwell has colour combinations that we can suggest. This often makes the decision easier and gives the client a better result. If you want to choose your own combination, you are welcome to do so. You should realize, though, that our professionals have a lot of experience in this area. 

The Decorative Flooring Process

You have a few options that can give you the decorative concrete flooring that you want. If your floor has any pits, cracks, or other deformities, we can fill those in to create a seamless, uniform appearance. We can even minimize the appearance of joints.

The decorative layer offers plenty of benefits. At times, though, we recommend adding another layer that will increase durability, slip resistance, and other features. For instance, we might recommend a layer of UV protection that will prevent direct sunlight from discoloring your new floor. Some of these steps are optional. The ones we suggest depend on how you plan to use your floor.

The Benefits of Decorative Concrete Flooring

The obvious benefit is that you get a beautiful concrete floor. If you have commercial or retail space, you may want your floors to look attractive for your customers and clients. You can even use our decorative flooring systems in residential buildings.

  • slip resistant finishes
  • low maintenance floors that are easy to clean
  • sealed concrete that doesn't stain easily
  • improved hygiene
  • chemical resistance
  • abrasion resistance
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