Concrete Resurfacing, Epoxy Floors & Urethane Coating

Most industrial and commercial floors take a considerable amount of abuse. Large numbers of people walk along the same paths every day; forklifts stack thousands of pounds onto small spaces; and chemicals can leak onto the floor.

Anyone who manages one of these companies knows that flooring maintenance is essential to saving money and meeting deadlines.

Our industry partners specialize in products that can protect concrete floors so that companies don't have to spend so much time and money worrying about their floors. 

Advantages of floor coating systems

  • extremely durable and longlasting
  • low maintenance and easy to clean
  • customized colours
  • moisture and chemical resistant
  • slip and skid resistant
  • low odor
  • CFIA-accepted

Fixing or Replacing Concrete Floors

In many cases, our process can use your existing concrete floor. Our experts just need to refurbish the surface and add a few layers of epoxy resin. In some cases, though, floors have been damaged beyond repair. We can replace those floors quickly. Then we add epoxy floor systems that makes sure you don't have to struggle with that expense again in the near future.

Epoxy Flooring Systems Work Quickly

Some companies wait until the last possible moment before they repair crumbling concrete floors. That's a dangerous situation, but they don't want to waste time when they have orders and deadlines to meet.

An epoxy flooring system provided by our team won't slow you down for long. Many projects are finished within one day. At that point, people can walk on the floor without causing any damage. After four days, you can drive vehicles on the floor without concern.

We know that you need to get your floor fixed as quickly as possible, so we pride ourselves on fast turnarounds. The faster we finish the project, the sooner you can get back to business.


Urethane Flooring Systems

An epoxy base offers a lot of benefits, but you'll get even more by adding urethane as a topcoat. Urethane makes a good protective layer because it resists damage from things like:

  • oil
  • grease
  • acid
  • alcohol
  • hydraulic fluids
  • chlorine
  • detergents
  • salt
  • fuel

Without a urethane topcoat, many of these substances could stain or damage your concrete floor. If your company never uses materials that could harm epoxy, then you don't need the urethane topcoat. If you do use these materials, it's best to get the topcoat so you can protect your investment.

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